Those of you who enjoy the exercise bike at the local gym and have considered buying one, might want to consider another option. Do you own a bicycle already? If you do, you should consider purchasing a bike trainer instead. This option can save you both storage space and money. A trainer is a stand you hook your bike onto that provides resistance either through the use of air, fluid, or magnetism. One of the largest benefits is the small amount of room they take up in comparison to a traditional exercise bike.

There are three different types of trainers all with their own unique qualities. You will need to decide what works the best for you. Wind trainers rely on a fan to create resistance with the air. These are usually fairly inexpensive but can be on the noisy side. But can work well with beginners as the resistance is normally on the lighter side. The harder your pedal the more resistance is gained.


Trainers that use magnets are pretty mid ground as far as trainers go. Comparable in price to a wind trainer, they fit better for a beginner to intermediate rider. The magnet trainers are very quiet compared to the wind and the fluid trainers but you do give up some quality in the resistance area.

Fluid trainers are considered the top of the line, because is reported to provide the most realistic feel to its use. These can be expensive and are not without it’s own problems. Using a “fan” encased in liquid to create resistance, it is considerably more complex than it’s counterparts which leads to more wear and tear over it’s lifetime. Some models seem to have a problem with leaking.

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